documentary films on the creative arts


Content is king and no amount of fancy lens-work can substitute for a great story, told well. Filmmaking today is more about stories than ever before and my preference in making films is to let the story evolve in a documentary style. The life of a documentary maker is always interesting because often we start with little more than a hunch. How the story unfolds for the viewer is the craft.

We don’t spend a lot of time with scripts and questions and we don’t bring truckloads of gear. For the most part we’ve found that having a chat with a camera turned on seems to net the best results; the most natural and therefore compelling.

That’s an overly simplistic summary, but you get the picture. We spend a lot of time making it work; the sound, the light, the picture. In the end it’s the story that plays the hero – but it’s got to look and sound good as well. Day and/or project rates vary, so for more info please drop me a line  and let me know what you have in mind.