documentary films on the creative arts

The ART Exchange

Artist films are as much a story about Art as self-promotion.

Film for Art – a win/win barter initiativeEveryone has a
story and in my experience, stories sell art. The power of the story is the greatest factor in selling work, yet most work sits in a stockroom or hangs on a wall silently.

Often the story goes untold and increasingly over the past few years, the work goes unsold. Films are the window into the Art and the Artist. They allow the story to be told. The work, the materials, the inspiration and the Artist themselvesget the chance to inform the purchaser, to impart a sense of how the work evolves, a sense of the passion and skill behind the Art.

Films provide the Artist with the opportunity to speak to the general public, the collector, the potential purchaser. They help make the work more accessible and films allow the Artist to span the globe and become international. 

In the past fifteen years I have made a lot of short films about Art, Artists, gallerists, collectors, musicians and events. I produced 26 episodes of Inside Art (over 80 interviews), a TV series syndicated across community TV stations in Australia, as well as many private commissions. 

Commercial filmmaking is a very time-consuming endeavour and can be quite expensive, but not everyone has the money to invest in self-promotion.

For that reason I’ve created the Art Exchange initiative – work for work, my hours for your hours. Several times a year I will create a 10 to 60 minute documentary film for an Artist in exchange for Art. A high-resolution copy of the film is yours to keep and I will issue you with a perpetual, royalty-free and irrevocable license to a copy of film so you can do with it whatever you please.

I will also post and promote it in whateverway I can. You will give me one of your works in exchange. It’s not an exact science, but in the spirit of barter and exchange we can both get something of value. As a guide, my films take around 10 hours per finished minute to make.

The only restriction is that you need to have had at least one solo show. I can’t do more than a few each year, but if  you’re interested, please use the contact form and send me your details.