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Anthony Breslin : Trybe

Anthony Breslin - Trybe
Peter M Lamont
Peter M Lamont & Audio Network


If Anthony Breslin could bottle some of his seemingly boundless enthusiasm it might give energy drink Mother a run for it’s money. Watching an artist cross the line to become an impresario is as seductive as it is compelling.

Convergence seems to touch every part of life and culture and “The Yarts”, in the immortal words of the great Sir Les Patterson, is certainly not spared. When Dance, Music and Painting is brought together in a framework of theatre, that convergence brings unexpected accessibility to each. While one discipline might not appeal, perhaps another does. Certainly all three (and probably others if I gave it more thought) make perfect sense. The natural synergies make them even more relevant together than apart.

The smoke machine was working overtime to add effect to what was already a weirdly exciting show where musicians Matthew Hunt and Brett Omara led by Greg Long, dancers Benjamin Cure, Hayley Uberti, Benjamin Hancock, Lucy Doherty, Megan Sayce and Robert McLean, as well as Breslin himself were smeared in tribal body paint and clad in PVC leotards.

The three piece guitar-plus-computer music (reminded me of Ministry of the Blind) supported the action which played out on a large canvas on the floor in the centre of the stage. Dancers arrived with pails of paint and quite literally became part of the art, with Breslin strategically preening, placing and painting their limbs to become, contribute to and participate in this strange and somewhat organic portrait. To say it was mud-wrestling but with paint understates the very real presence of well-thought out and refined performance art.

The 60 minute (or more) show is well worth the price of admission. Trybe works as a performance, the cause is a worthy one and we left with a very satisfied feeling we’d consumed all three arts-oriented food groups at one sitting. A handy by-product was a very, very large painting to be auctioned for charity. A nice touch to end a nice evening.

Trybe @ Chapel off Chapel. 14th to 24th March 2013.