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John Waller : Australian Artist


A short documentary on Australian artist John Waller for his 2023 show at Queenscliff Gallery

"John Waller’s paintings mirror this pursuit. Having grown up in a country town, far from any city, Waller knows what it is to live with the land and its rhythms. His awareness is broad. By chance, in youth, Waller found nearby indigenous remains of great antiquity; then later, in adulthood, he became an art advisor at an Aboriginal community in central Australia, forging friendships with tribal painters and gaining insights into their work. By this time Waller had absorbed the Western tradition at RMIT’s art school; and he had also soaked up great landscape art during a formative spell as an education officer at the National Gallery of Victoria. These experiences, and more, shape his creative decisions."

Dr Christopher Heathcote

John Waller
Peter M Lamont
Peter M Lamont