Wendy Whiteley

Some years ago (and well before the Inside Art idea occurred to us), Michel Lawrence and I interviewed Wendy Whiteley about the release of three of Brett’s works as limited edition fine art reproductions to be sold exclusively on The Stock Rooms: ‘Lavender Bay in the Rain’, Grey Harbour’ and ’15 Great Dog Pisses of Paris’.

This is the full interview; in it Wendy refers to Brett (Brett Lichtenstein, the founder of Digital Art Directory who worked with Wendy to produce the prints) and Brett (Whiteley); often in the same sentence. It’s a bit confusing but now you know, it will make a bit more sense.

Wendy talks about their early domestic life which is a nice adjunct to the biographies and of course, the works themselves. Halfway through Wendy takes her mic off so the sound drops off a bit.