Market Day



I wandered through the Farmers Market at Byron Bay to further test the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera using the insanely small but incredibly well-built and robust Sirui Carbon Fibre Monopod. Although I now have Kinotehnik’s LCDVF which is also fabulous, I’m not entirely sure I nailed focus. With the benefit of time and careful manual focus the BMPCC is razor sharp but I find (so far at least) the autofocus and peaking lines are not as accurate as using the image-doubling feature and focusing manually. Not so easy to do in a reportage style.

For this film I used a Hoya variable ND (may have introduced softness), recorded in LOG to ProRes 800ASA 25fps and graded in Davinci Resolve 10 using Speedlook’s normalising and Kodak LUT’s. 35mm grain (no colour or curves) was added using FilmConvert. I am using the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 lens. The camera really manages the dynamic range well – especially at the recommended 800ASA – although many LUT’s will apply an S curve that reduce what could have been 14 stops to perhaps 8.