Julian Twigg – The Gatehouse

Title: Julian Twigg – The Gatehouse
Duration: 8:05
Year: 2018
Director/DOP: Peter M Lamont
Sound Design: Peter M Lamont
Description: Short film biography on Australian Painter Julian Twigg

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Julian is a painter, a ceramicist and a printmaker.

Since graduating from RMIT in 2000, Julian has forged a highly successful career in the
visual arts. With 17 solo shows, innumerable group exhibitions and a series of residencies
under his belt, he has earned a reputation as perhaps Australia’s foremost maritime

Julian Twigg’s artistic obsession is the sea. His milieu is coastal, his subject matter all
things maritime. His painting is bold, vivid, gestural, observational. His layered painting
style is as much textural as it is visual. The paint is thick, chunky, knobbly. In the presence
of a Twigg painting, you want to reach out and run your fingers over the surface.

While primarily a painter, Julian Twigg is also a talented and accomplished ceramicist and
printmaker. His ceramics are utterly charming – small, impressionistic replicas of ships and
tugboats, ceramic tiles decorated with maritime scenes taken from lino imprints. His work
in prints has a very immediate and spontaneous feel about it. The prints are a momentary,
evocative capturing of a mood felt or a scene witnessed – the unstudied, unselfconscious
looseness of the sketchbook.

Julian Twigg exhibits annually, alternating between Sydney and Melbourne. 

He is represented by Australian Galleries.