Jacinta Cashen – Producer


I have always been interested in what it means to be human. Why we behave the way we do, what interests us, how we make sense of the world and ultimately what contribution we want to make.

It was these interests that lead me to teach young children in the 80’s and 90’s helping them to make sense of their world and feed their natural curiosity.

After spending time at home with my own children, running a not-for-profit organisation and editing a teachers’ journal, I returned to teaching in 2010 to find that despite what I think have been significant changes in the world in regards to, what we understand about how the mind works and how we communicate to each other most schools haven’t changed that much and the general populations’ ideas about teaching and learning ( and other things)  still seem to be stuck in their own past experiences of school, good or bad.

According to molecular biologist John Medina, who wrote Brain Rules;  “pictures are a more efficient delivery mechanism of information than text”. It was with this in mind that I decided that it was time to think about how I could challenge people’s ideas through film by telling the stories of curious, passionate, thoughtful  people.