David Bromley – Picture Book

Title: David Bromley – A Picture Book First and Foremost
Duration: 5:32
Year: 2013
Director/DOP: Peter M Lamont
Music: Peter M Lamont
Description: Interview with Australian Artist David Bromley discussing his book “A Picture Book first and Foremost”.

David Bromley’s ‘A Picture Book (first and foremost)’ is a printed photographic documentary in three volumes. Hard-cover bound in a heavy custom case, these three volumes represents a snapshot in the life of one of Australia’s most successful artists.

The publication is presented in two unique editions: A standard edition and a bespoke limited edition. The standard edition presents three books within a hand made slip case with accompanying mailer, while the limited edition presents the three volumes in a hand made leather school bag, hand bound and painted leather / canvas covers and a limited edition print.

From the children’s volume featuring his famous ‘Boys Own’ series, through his figurative yet abstract explorations of the nude female form, to intimate – almost voyeuristic – views of his very private inner spaces, these volumes are indeed a rare treat.

Designed by 3 Deep Design, images by Earl Carter and words by Matthew Sturgis and Ashley Crawford, A Picture Book First and Foremost is a stunning example of Australian Cultural publishing.