Alex Lavroff

Title: Alex Lavroff
Duration: 5:14
Year: 2012
Director/DOP: Peter M Lamont
Music: Peter M Lamont
Description: Interview with Australian Painter and winner of the Mossman Art Prize, Alex Lavroff

Alex Lavroff’s stylist artistic history dates back to his youth in exotic Egypt legendary for its archival past. Alexander engrossed himself in the extraordinariness of his environment until he was twelve years of age and at this time he was afforded the opportunity to take life classes with an Italian Master.

The transition of his Russian family migrating to Australia in the mid-fifties only benefited this ardent young artist. At this time his father seeing his son’s potential artistic talent decided without hesitation enormously encouraged Alexander to develop an astuteness regarding the enjoyment of drawing. With this, Alexander, himself, became a perceptive and razor like artist directly obtaining pleasure for both himself and others who would eventually take this man seriously with his unique form of passionate art forms and illustrations.

Alex’s formal art education was born from the famous Sydney Technical Art Collage at Darlinghurst; and later at the Royal Art Society at North Sydney where he would obtain merit with his portraitures; and then training with Graham Inson from the Max Meldrum School in tonal impressionism.

Be that as it may, his great love and most of his career stems from those intoxicating days as an acknowledged Illustrator for the advertising industry specialising in airbrush photo real illustrations.

During this time Alexander managed a large Neutral Bay studio which he organised and represented other Illustrators. Five books of note were published targeting the advertising industry with numerous gifted Illustrators which assisted in canvassing more business. Alexander said those days were the most hectic and revelled in the challenges that abundantly knocked on his door.

After working in advertising Alex’s career changed pace and direction. With his knowledge and drawing expertise he turned his attention to making fine art. In recent years he was a finalist in 2001 & 2010 Mosman Art Prize Finalist in the 2006 & 2007 Willoughby Art Prize. Finalist in the 2008 Hunters Hill Art Prize. Finalist in the 2010 & 2012 Mortimer art prize as well as a finalist in the 2012 Mortimer Equine Art Prize. In 2009 winning the prestigious Mosman Art Prize with Margaret Olley as the Judge. He has also exhibited with Michael Commerford Gallery, Sara Roney Gallery and Mary Place Gallery in Paddington. Alex has also been represented in the United States of America by Oz Art.