Meg Cowell

Art Projects

It all began with The Stock Rooms …

Although I have a 30-something year career in advertising and have made a very large number of TV commercials, my passion for filming artists really started in 2010 when Michel Lawrence and I developed The Stock Rooms website with the kind assistance of Stuart Purves, director of Australian Galleries. We were concerned the leap of faith involved when buying fine art online might be too great and we thought the best way to deal with it would be to film the artists. In their studios, watching them work, talking about art.

We’d already done perhaps 20 when we got a call from C31 asking if we’d be interested in doing a series and so the now award-winning Inside Art series was born. 26 episodes and over 150 interviews later it was time for me to move on from the magazine-style television format. While I still own and operate The Stock Rooms, my interest in telling the artist’s story is growing by the day.

We recently won a number of film festival awards with a film on Melbourne Artist Soula Mantalvanos entitled ‘The Hurting Strings’ and we have several long-form documentaries currently in production.


Examples can be found here: Artists A-K | Artists L-Z | Other misc films … or view below.